The Sport Complex

The sports complex of the ZAPORIZHZHIA STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY (ZSMU) invites everyone to participate in sports activities. The university sports complex has 6 departments: for sports games, table tennis, aerobics, and rhythmic gymnastics, shaping, gym, and track-and-field athletics arena. There are several sports sections: track-and-field athletics, basketball, tennis, powerlifting, weight – lifting, swimming, mini-football, judo, wrestling, chess, and others. The stadium is created for physical education, training, competitions, and different sports events. From now on, every student and employee can play in these sports halls. The complex has a vast building with, two dressing rooms with showers and toilets. There is a stand for spectators for 1000 seats. The complex includes standard grounds for playing mini-football, basketball, volleyball, a ground tennis court, and outdoor sports equipment. All sports grounds are equipped with modern lighting and an acoustic system.

Facilities offered by Sports Complex of Odessa National Medical University:

– Stadium (football, athletics)

– Halls for sports games (basketball, volleyball)

– Badminton

– Table tennis

– Tennis

– Swimming pool

– ice hockey

– Gym

– Class of chess


Chess is an exact mathematical game, and despite all this raid of romanticism, each piece in the game has its own function, its own maneuvers for the move, but how the player can use the power of the pieces depends on the player himself.

In ZSMU we do not just respect – we love chess! We do not get tired to practice in this game, again and again sitting behind the playing field – a chessboard. Everyone plays both students, teachers, and employees of the TSMU. We have long appreciated all the advantages of this fusion of art, science, and sport.


The popularity of volleyball is not difficult to explain: it is difficult to find a person who has never played a ball in his life. In one form or another: in the playground, in the courtyard, at school, in the gym – everyone played ball, threw it at each other, and it was such a pleasure that the game grew with the participants, and at every opportunity, they continued to strive to the playground and jump after the ball.

In ZSMU this opportunity is given to everyone! For everyone who wants to learn or improve their skills in playing volleyball, all conditions are created: The ZSMU provides its own playgrounds for this: a stadium, a large game hall, a gym, as well as the necessary modern sports equipment and equipment.


In almost every country there is a national football team, almost every major city has a football club. There is a huge number of sports football sections, they teach the basics of this game and prepare boys of different ages – the future reserve for the national team of their native country or various football clubs.

It is nice for us in ZSMU to be a part of this world sports movement, it’s nice to allow our students to express themselves in this exciting team game, and it is especially pleasant to win well-deserved awards!


Basketball – a great way to relieve fatigue, changing the training voltage, physical activity. At the same time, in the course of the game, the athlete will have to turn on his mental apparatus, because the constantly changing situation of the game on the field requires “overclocking” and for mental activity: where to go, who to make the transfer … calculate the blow. You must understand the member of your team without words, he must understand you, you must be able to anticipate the counteractions of the opponents to prevent them, and so the whole game, at high speeds, on lightning-fast reactions. Of course, all this develops brain activity, improves memory, coordination, the ability to quickly make the only right decisions, and if something went wrong, be able to get out of difficult situations, and still seek victory.

There are classes in several kinds of sport and forms of physical activity. The presence of such a strong base provides an opportunity for students and employees of the university to show high results in various competitions, to have high-class athletes in various fields.