Faculty of Pharmacy

The pharmaceutical faculty of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University was inaugurated by the Ministry for Education and science for Ukraine. The faculty began training specialists’ pharmacists of general direction “pharmaceutics”. At the pharmacological faculty, the curriculum if for five academic years. The academic education of graduates in fundamental and applied sciences and professional training is provided by acquiring general and special competencies for the professional activity in the corresponding position, including the implementation of pharmaceutical assistance, guaranteeing the safe and rational use of medicines, monitoring the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy and/or side effects, readiness to bear or divide the responsibility for the results of the pharmacotherapy, the stages of the manufacturing of drugs, their storage, quality control, delivery, distribution, promotion, management, providing medicines and other pharmaceutical goods in accordance with the current international trends, provision of pharmaceutical care on the basis of pharmaceutical ethics and deontology.

The student of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University acquires the fundamentals of medical and biological knowledge, learn in detail various subjects in the specialty and some clinical ones. On successful completion of the study, the graduates get the diploma of the pharmacist. The faculty trains the students for work at the institutions of pharmacy and also for research work.

A powerful educational methodical base is being created for training highly qualified specialists. There are such departments are as the pharmacognosy, Biology, and Genetics department and the chemopharmaceutic disciplines department. Medical botany, Inorganic chemistry, Analytical, physical, and organic chemistry, methods for analysis are taught at these departments. All the departments are supplied with all the necessary equipment, reagents, and textbooks.

Educational-professional applied orientation of the educational program. The structure of it involves gaining knowledge about the sources of obtaining the substances of medicinal matters, their physical and chemical properties. Abilities based on primary information on the specifics of the chemical structure of substances necessary to use methods of analysis for quality assurance of compounds that are economically valid, express, etc. The ability based on theoretical knowledge in relevant disciplines to produce a variety of extemporaneous formulations, including using plant material.