Pharmaceutical Faculty 2

Second Faculty of Pharmacy


Dean of the second pharmaceutical faculty –

PRYAKHIN Oleg Romanovych, Candidate of Chemical Sciences,

Associate Professor of Physical and Colloid Chemistry.


History of the faculty

Until 1969, the institute at the Faculty of Pharmacy had both full-time and part-time education. Since 1970, the correspondence training of pharmacists was suspended, and in 1997 the admission of students to the correspondence department of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the specialty “Pharmacy” was resumed at the Zaporizhia State Medical University.

In 2004, ZSMU opened a pharmaceutical faculty of distance learning and began training students in the specialty “Technology of perfumes and cosmetics.”

Since the founding of the second pharmaceutical faculty, it is headed by Associate Professor OR Pryakhin.


Faculty students

More than 2,000 students study at the faculty, of which more than 90% have secondary special and higher education. More than 150 students of the faculty receive a second higher education, some of them have a scientific degree.

The university has created all the conditions for the educational process: a scientific library, reading rooms, electronic library, computer classes with Internet access, elements of distance education are being introduced.

The training of pharmacists and pharmacists-cosmetologists is carried out by experienced teachers, including a large number of doctors of sciences, professors, candidates of sciences, and associate professors.

The powerful personnel potential of the faculty, modern information and material and technical support of the pedagogical process allows us to achieve a high level of training of students at the Faculty of Pharmacy of distance learning.


The faculty includes the following departments:

Department of Physical Colloid Chemistry

Department of Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, and Botany

Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry