Pharmaceutical Faculty 1

Dean of Pharmaceutical Faculty №1 is Kremzer Oleksandr Andriiovych, Candidate of Science (Pharmacy), Associate Professor of the Department of Toxicological and Inorganic Chemistry.


Departments of Pharmaceutical Faculty №1:

1.     Department of Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics

2.     Department of Analytical Chemistry

3.     Department of Medicinal Preparations Technology

4.     Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

5.     Department of Management and Pharmacy Economics, Medical and Pharmaceutical Commodity Research

6.     Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacy, and Pharmacotherapy with the Course of Cosmetology

7.     Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Science and Modern Technologies


History of the faculty

The faculty was founded back in 1903 at the Higher Women’s Courses in Odessa.

With the transfer of higher education to Zaporizhzhia in 1959, the pharmaceutical faculty first issued 148 pharmacists.

In 1997, the ZSMU Pharmaceutical Faculty introduced a correspondence course of study.

Faculty deans worked: Associate Professor. O.N. Knyshko (1959-1962), Assoc. І.Т. Platash (1963-1964), Assoc. O.K. Bagrie (1965-1968), Assoc. A.A. Tkachenko 1969-1973), prof. O.O. Martynovsky (1973-1993), Assoc. V.I. Nosachenko (1993-1994), V.V. Petrenko (1995-2005). Since 2005, the faculty is headed by Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, associate professor O.A. Kremers.

Teaching staff

There are 16 professors, doctors of sciences and 83 candidates of sciences in the specialty “Pharmacy” at the departments of the faculty.

The powerful personnel potential of the faculty, modern information, and logistical support of the pedagogical process, scientific and pharmaceutical activity allow achieving a high level of training of students, masters, postgraduates and doctoral students of ZSMU, to introduce innovative pedagogical and pharmaceutical technologies.

Students of the faculty

More than 700 students study at the faculty, 12% of them are excellent students, more than half are studying for “good” and “excellent”. Among the students, there are laureates of personal scholarships and awarded scholarships of the mayor of Zaporizhzhya.

Student scientific circles work at faculty departments. Every third student is a member of the CHS. Reports-reports of student scientists are widely known due to participation in scientific conferences of the University, other universities of Ukraine and international scientific forums.

Students of the faculty have the opportunity to work in the university library, where the reading room with the computer network is connected to the “Uranus” system, which provides access to full-text sources of libraries of Ukrainian universities and universities of the world.

The faculty successfully works student self-government, trade union organization of students, the student council of dormitories, which are recognized as the best among the universities of Zaporizhzhya.

At the sports club of the university, there are sections of practically all kinds of sports. Over the past five years 2 masters of sports, 1 candidate for masters of sports, over 100 artillery have been trained. The faculty is a constant leader in student competitions of the university and sports events of the region.

Each student of the faculty participates in amateur circles.