Pharmaceutical Faculty 1

The first pharmaceutical faculty

Dean of the first pharmaceutical faculty –

KREMZER Alexander Andreevich, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Associate Professor of Toxicological and Inorganic Chemistry ZSMU.


Form of training in pharmacy and technology of perfumes and cosmetics – full-time (at the expense of legal entities and individuals).

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine confers the rank of medical service reserve officer on graduates of the faculty who have successfully studied special military disciplines.

Students have the opportunity to undergo internships not only within Ukraine but also in pharmaceutical institutions of other countries.


History of the faculty

The faculty was founded in 1903 at the Higher Women’s Courses in Odessa.

With the transfer of the university to Zaporizhzhia in 1959, 148 pharmacists graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy for the first time.

In 1997, distance learning was introduced at the Faculty of Pharmacy of ZSMU.


Teaching staff

At the departments of the faculty work: 16 professors, doctors of sciences, and 83 candidates of sciences in the specialty “Pharmacy”.

Powerful personnel potential of the faculty, modern information, and logistical support of the pedagogical process, scientific and pharmaceutical activities allow to achieve a high level of training of students, masters, graduate students, and doctoral students of ZSMU, to introduce innovative pedagogical and pharmaceutical technologies.


Faculty students

More than 700 students study at the faculty, 12% of which are excellent, more than half study for “good” and “excellent”. Among the students are the winners of nominal scholarships and awarded scholarships by the mayor of Zaporizhzhia.

Student scientific circles work at the departments of the faculty. Every third student is a member of SNT. Reports of students-scientists are widely known through participation in scientific conferences of the university, other universities of Ukraine and international scientific forums.

Faculty students have the opportunity to work in the university library, where the reading room with a computer network is connected to the system “Uranus”, which provides access to full-text sources of libraries of Ukrainian universities and universities around the world.

The faculty successfully operates student government, trade union organization of students, the student council of dormitories, which are recognized as the best among universities in Zaporizhzhia.

The sports club of the university has sections for almost all sports. Over the past five years, 2 masters of sports, 1 candidate for masters of sports, more than 100 archers have been trained. The faculty is a permanent leader in university student competitions and regional sports contests.


The faculty includes the following departments:

Academic Council of Pharmaceutical Faculties

Department of Biological Chemistry

Department of Analytical Chemistry

Department of Drug Technology

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy, Medical and Pharmaceutical Law

Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy, and Cosmetology

Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics and Advanced Technologies