Faculty of Pediatrics

Pediatrics is a sensitive and delicate field of study. Ukrainian scientists are of the view that pediatric study should be conducted with extreme focus and attention. That is the reason a pediatrics degree is given separate entities and specifications on all topics related to child health. The course of study comprises six academic years. The syllabuses of fundamental sciences are very close to those of the “General Medicine”, however much attention is paid to the peculiarities of the vitality of the infantile organism. Of the multitude of clinical subjects, students study pediatrics and surgery of a child’s age. Those, who successfully complete their education, acquire the diploma of the pediatrician and can be engaged in treating patients at children’s hospitals, continue their study, and be involved in research work.

A doctor-pediatrics must be a high-educated person, possess wide knowledge in the field of biological, medical, and special sciences and be not only a doctor but also an educator. A student receives general biological and medical education at first courses; the pediatric education starts from the third course to the sixth course. Students of the pediatric faculty master knowledge at many chairs during 6 years of study, where they study anatomy, physiology, pathology, and hygiene of childish age. The employees of the chairs study successfully the questions of the pathology of childish age, rearing, an organization of help for children by purulent and inflammatory diseases, treatment of inborn defects of hip and hip-joint development, children’s infectious diseases and others.

The intensive education of students-paediatrists at theoretical and clinical chairs allows training skilled doctors-paediatrists. Besides studies by an educational program, many students conduct scientific work in groups; work in laboratories, that’s why one can assert boldly that readiness of students to practical activity is quite high in establishments of health protection.

In the 6th course, students are given a right of choice (depending on the requirement of practical health protection) of his further specialization and namely a doctor-paediatrist of a wide profile or children’s doctor-surgeon.

After passing state exams all the students with diplomas of doctors-paediatrists go-to children’s medical and prophylactic establishments for passing the internship for one year. The internship allows specializing in the earlier chosen pediatric profession.

Graduates of the pediatric faculty the doctors-pediatrists work in all parts of our country. Some of them became scientists, others – practical doctors.

Foreign scientists are invited for teaching and research. Citizens of other countries are taught on basic of interstate and bilateral agreements.

International activities: training specialists and science workers, realizing international projects, services, etc.

Steps are being taken for the educational sector of Ukraine to join the international treaties on preliminary training of persons who are going to apply to higher institutions.

Assistance is provided in establishing and supporting direct contacts of educational institutions of Ukraine with other states.

International science conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, presentations are organized and participated by the University.

The University carries on these activities in compliance with the acting legislation and the Rules of the University. Wide international cooperation helps in raising the organizational standard and improving the teaching/studying process.