International Faculty 1

Dean of International Faculty No.1  Dochinets Dmytro Ivanovych, Ph.D. (Pharmacy), Associate Professor of the Department of Analytical Chemistry.

Field of training is pre-university training of foreign students for further study at higher schools of Ukraine in the medical and biological specialty.


Departments of International Faculty No.1:

  1. Department of Cultural Studies and Ukrainian Studies
  2. Department of Medical Physics, Biophysics, and Higher Mathematics
  3. Department of Language Training of Foreign Citizens
  4. Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine with the Course of Physical Training and Health

Objectives of training:

  • mastering of Ukrainian (Russian) languages in the volume that allows to realize teaching process with Ukrainian (Russian) medium of instruction and to communicate in educational, professional, social, everyday and cultural spheres;
  • obtaining subject knowledge necessary for further study at the University.

Type of education is full-time, contract basis.
Languages of education are Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Period of study is 1 year.

International Faculty No.1 of Zaporozhye State Medical University is one of the oldest in the system of medical education of Ukraine. It was founded in 1973. More than 10500 foreign citizens from 100 countries have been prepared for study at higher educational institutions since then. There are 1800 foreign students from 42 countries at the University. At the International Faculty No.1 foreign students study Ukrainian and Russian, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Bases of Informatics and Computer Technologies, Country Studies. Candidates of science and Associate Professors of the Department of Language Training are involved in the teaching process. Most of them have undergone the probation in the countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Textbooks, manuals, numerous methodical recommendations, and workbooks are being issued at the Faculty.

The academic year comprises two semesters. At the end of each term (January and June) students take credit tests and examinations in studied disciplines.

Students have their classes in groups of 8 persons. Classes are conducted in auditoriums of the International Faculty No.1 and corresponding departments which are equipped with modern computer technologies. Scientific library, reading halls, and Internet are at the disposal of students.

After graduating from the International Faculty No.1 students get a certificate, which enables them to enter higher schools of Ukraine and countries of CIS.